WATER OUTAGE - October 30, 2017

WATER OUTAGE The water will not be turned off today. However, it will be turned off tomorrw, Oct... [more...]

WATER OUTAGE - October 30, 2017

At about 2:45pmĀ the water will be turned off from the railroad tracks to Oak Drive, on the bayou... [more...]

Town of Fordoche Launches a New Website! Subscribe Today! - August 04, 2017

Town of FordocheĀ is proud to announce the launch of our new website. Subscribe to our site and y... [more...]


Community Center

Our community center is a place for all to meet, spend time together, or a debate about local politics.  No matter what the reason, this center provides a perfect meeting spot for citizens of all ages.

The Fordoche Community Center is just the right size for most occasions. You can have your reception, meeting or party at the center. The original center has a seating capacity of 50 (max capacity of 165) the entire center has a seating capacity of 200 (max capacity 296), in a rowed table (classroom/meeting) setting. With the addition of the pavilion next to the center, our facility is a perfect location for your next family reunion or company gathering. Both the community center and pavilion had outdoor cooking and festivities in mind when designing the layout. Both buildings have outdoor fans, water and many other amenities. Your rental of the community center covers the cost for both facilities.


Community Center
4261 Overton St
Fordoche, Louisiana 70732
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